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Child Safety

Solarshade Blinds are strong advocates

of Child Safety and are proud members of the

Make It Safe campaign.

Make it Safe Campaign

The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) launched the Make it Safe campaign in 2009 campaigning for safer blinds. The BBSA welcomes the mandatory requirements for internal blinds. The Make it Safe campaign was established by the BBSA to ensure effective development of standards for internal window blinds and to provide appropriate safety advice to homeowners and those responsible for public and commercial buildings.

Standard Development

The BBSA has worked with European standards bodies to ensure the development of new standards for internal window blinds. Published at the end of February 2014 in the UK these standards will define a safe product under the General Product Safety Regulations and the BBSA fully supports the legal requirements this will place on the entire industry.

In effect this will mean any trader manufacturing, importing, selling or installing window blinds must comply with these standards by law.

The BBSA is pleased to see that there are also new standards regarding the testing of safety devices themselves so consumers can buy retrofit items safe in the knowledge they are fit for purpose.

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Information and Advice

Since 2009 the BBSA has supplied over 1,300,000 Make it Safe brochures to consumers, child care and health professionals across the UK. The original Make it Safe brochure is also available in Welsh, Polish and Gaelic. The internationally recognised Make it Safe video helps to communicate how to make existing blinds safer and what to consider when considering new blinds.

The BBSA has provided tens of thousands of safety devices free of charge to members of the public irrespective of where they bought their blind.
We have provided RoSPA with subsidised and free safety devices and brochures to support their work. RoSPA have provided in excess of 430,000 packs as part of their work with the Make it Safe campaign.

Working Together

The BBSA works with UK Government, Trading Standards and safety organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Child Accident Prevention Trust to ensure that the industry and those who use internal window blinds are given expert advice.

The Make it Safe campaign is widely referenced in other European countries and the BBSA has taken part in the EU’s International Product Safety Week in Brussels as well as safety presentations in Northern Ireland, Italy and China. We work with our colleagues in Europe and further afield to share information and best practice.

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