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Solarshade Blinds are strong advocates of Child Safety and are proud members of BBSA

Why use a BBSA member?

Using a BBSA member for your solar shading requirements is an assurance of quality, service and expert advice.

Providing blinds, awnings and shutters to commercial premises is not as simple as it first looks. Finding a supplier you can trust to ensure their solution will effectively meet your needs and be compliant with standards and safety requirements is simple though.

You just need to use a member of the BBSA.

Membership of the BBSA is only available to companies who can prove that they have robust policies and procedures in terms of health and safety, quality, customer service and are committed to training.

The BBSA is the single biggest source of information on solar shading and BBSA members have access to this knowledge base.

The BBSA is involved in developing European Standards for blinds, awnings and shutters and is leading the development of the child safety aspects of EN 13120, the only standard for internal blinds. All BBSA members comply with the child safety aspects of this standard via the BBSA’s Code of Practice.

Whatever your solar shading needs there will be a BBSA member who can assist you – just use the search facility on our website.

Liverpool Blinds

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Contact BBSA

British Blind and Shutter Association
PO Box 232,
IP14 9AR



Telephone: 01449 780 444

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Download our BBSA information leaflets

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